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  • Are there any themes other than the environment and human rights?
    We also add special themes according to customer requests (for RuleWatcher Enterprise contracts).
  • Is the information on RuleWatcher standardized in English?
    All the primary information is translated into English, but depending on the browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can translate it into your preferred language at hand. In addition, you can choose to display menus in either Japanese or English.
  • Is there an age limit for users
    Persons under the age of 13 cannot use this service.
  • Can I add my own tags or add sources?
    No. Tags and information sources are assigned by our company (if you have a contract with RuleWatcherEnterprise, we respond to customer requests).
  • Does the paid version have a free trial period?
    We are open for consultation.
  • what kind of people are using
    It is used by people with a wide range of genres and responsibilities (researchers, government officials, planning department staff, non-profit organizations, etc.).
  • Can I use it for commercial purposes?
    RuleWatcher is for personal and non-commercial use only. For commercial use, a separate RuleWatcher commercial use agreement based on a commercial use license agreement to be entered into separately with the Company is required.
  • I would like to have one account for the group
    Excuse me, but it is necessary to register with your own email address according to the terms of use.
  • Is it possible to attend the "Let's touch RuleWatcher meeting" before applying?
    Unfortunately, this is for users only, but if you ask, I can show you a demo.
  • Is there interaction between users
    Yes. We hold a monthly study session "Reading before the holidays" and other irregular events. In addition, the space for "discussing social issues" has been set up for interaction between users, so please make use of it.
  • I want to share the information I have with everyone, what should I do?
    Please post in RuleWatcher's "Discuss social issues". Images and other files can be attached and shared, so you can use that function as needed.
  • Is it possible to have the training set?
    Please contact us (we have multiple achievements).
  • Can I use it anonymously?
    No. We ask that you use your real name.
  • What kind of skills will you acquire by taking this program?
    By taking this program, students can read and understand international trends. We aim to acquire the ability to practice research.
  • What kind of people are taking this course?
    There are various people such as those who work for companies, managers, and government officials. Ages vary from 20's to 60's. Students from a wide range of backgrounds deepen their learning by exchanging opinions with each other.
  • Can I do corporate training?
    Unfortunately, the program itself is only provided in Japanese, so we do offer such lectures, but in Japanese.
  • OSINTech is run by a teal organization?
    Yes. Since the founding, we have been operated as a teal organization (a non-pyramidal organization in which each member works autonomously). Click here for information on organizational management. Vision & Culture | OSINTech Official
  • I would like to work with you, where can I apply?
    If you are interested in working with us, there is no application form specified by our company< Please contact us at /a>.
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