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Introduction to features and information collected

​RuleWatcher in 5 minutes (video)(English ver. under preparation)

Key Features of RuleWatcher


International Rules Trend Bulletin

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We collect public information from governments and major NGOs around the world every day and deliver it as a flash report divided into themes of social issues that are of interest to many people.


Advanced primary information analysis

Advanced search

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Only public primary sources can be searched. You can quickly find the information you want by using region, country, or tags to narrow down your search.

If you can search for multiple languages at once, ​ efficiency will increase.

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A summary of words that appear frequently in big data is automatically generated. You can catch rule trends that many people are still unaware of.

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You can understand the flow of trends by comparing the amount of information in time series and by country.

Text can be output as CSV

Social Graph (β)

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You can understand the relationship between people's names, place names, and keywords (beta version available)

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Communication function

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  • Opinions can be exchanged with experts and those who are interested in such social and environmental issues.

  • Groupware that supports projects that put ideas generated through the exchange of opinions into practice.

  • ​ Supports multilingual conversations and facilitates the exchange of ideas across language barriers. (under development)

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Addition of international rule trends according to your own purpose
(Limited to RuleWatcher Enterprise)

Customization is also available. We offer rule trend information bulletin and analysis function based on customized themes and information sources according to the issues that you concentrate on.

Specifically, if a technology name or substance name related to your product or service is included in an article delivered by a target information source, we will notify you as a flash report.

In addition, it is possible to analyze international policy information by going back from the present to the past with the analysis function.

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