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"Our World. Rules by everybody." This is our vision.

International rules and language technology

We live in such an era that plastics keep polluting the oceans, the market capitalization of giant corporations exceeds national budgets and climate crisis is becoming increasingly serious. As transnational issues increase, so does the influence of transnational rules.

RuleWatcher is designed to help us understand what discussions are taking place and what social norms are emerging around the world in response to today's "transnational issues".

RuleWatcher was made possible by the development of AI translation. It organizes all the information from governments and other organizations in various countries transmitted in any language by converting it into a unified language, English. Thus, we can easily read information in Hebrew, Vietnamese, Arabic, and other languages, and I really realize that we are the first generation of human beings to be able to handle multilingual information.



Having insight into publicly available information is called OSINT (OSINT = Open Source Intelligence). It has become an intelligence method that has attracted much attention in recent years, but the concept itself is not new.


We named the company OSINTech(OSINT×Tech), meaning that it uses language technology to make it available for any person to do OSINT. A character named "OSIN-chan," which we created out of our desire to let people read complicated information in a softer way, serves as an administrator in RuleWatcher.


OSINTech Inc.

CEO Masato Oda



an administrator in RuleWatcher

Non-market strategies (ESG OSINT)


Intelligence is sometimes used for security and military, but it is also used a lot for business. Areas such as business intelligence and social monitoring are such examples.

However, what OSINTech provides is not an intelligence for looking at the market, but rather for "non-market strategies". Non-market strategies are those that look outside of the "market" (i.e., customers, competitors, etc.) to gain an advantage by incorporating regulatory, environmental, social, and technological conditions into business plans and by reaching out to the media, governments, NGOs, and citizens.


RuleWatcher is an "ESG OSINT" tool that helps companies develop business strategies that take environmental and human rights concerns into account. We believe that being the first to know the policy directions of NGOs working on human rights and environmental issues, UN agencies, and national governments will surely provide clues for changing the business activities to more sustainable styles. 


Market as well as non-market areas are important. In particular, information on the environment and human rights has become extremely important for business activities.

In an era of democratization of rules

"Rules" were originally designed to improve our lives. However, most of us probably have the impression that they are designed to bind us and benefit only a few people.


The world is full of problems, both environmental and human rights, that are difficult to solve. Rules are great "tools" to confront these problems. They direct investments toward more sustainable activities, place limits on unconsidered technologies, promote innovation to solve problems and fund grassroots activities. All of this is possible through rules.


That is why many people, not just "someone with a loud voice," need to participate in this rule-making process. If we can take the rules that are beginning to be discussed in distant countries in our hands, we can use them as inspiration for rules in our own countries. OSINTech will continue to evolve RuleWatcher every day to create such an environment.

"Our world. Rules by everybody." This is the future we are aiming for.

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