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OSINTech Inc.

Established: November 22, 2018

Capital: JPY 6,000,000

Representative Director: Masato Oda

Head Office: Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan


・ Provision of RuleWatcher 

・ International rules trend research

・ Consulting Service

・ Project Management Service

Corporate vision :

"Our World, Rules by Everybody."

See more... Vision & Culture

UNOPS Office:



UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre Japan,

56, Naniwamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan


Company History As of 4th of March, 2022


Nov 2018 Founded

Feb 2019 "MIRAI 2019" MIRAI Secretariat Award

Jun 2020 RuleWatcher® released

Aug 2020 RuleWatcherPro®(RuleWatcher advanced tool)released

Oct 2020 Plan for improved administration approved 

Oct 2020 Joined Covid-19 infection impact assessment with text mining of global regulations.

Nov 2020 "Hyogo Creative Business Contest" Grand Prize

Nov 2020 Selected to UNOPS Global Innovation Center Support Project

Dec 2020 Nominated to METI / JETRO "SHIDO"

Jan 2021 Submitted patent(RuleWatch system)

Feb 2021 "Japan Patent Attorneys Association Business contest" Grand Prize

Feb 2021 Joined a research group of text mining and academic papers

Mar 2021 Trademark registered(RuleWatcher)

Mar 2021 Showcased in Virtual Japan Pavilion by Ministry of Environment 

Mar 2021 Showcased in APAN technology exhibition

May 2021 Trademark registered (OSINTech)

Jun 2021 Submit trademark in China (RuleWatcher)

Jun 2021 Adopted to the research project of digital earth by Global GIS Center, Chubu University

Jul 2021 Selected to Keihanna Global Accereration Program

Jul 2021 "Corporate Human Rights" added to RuleWatcher Pro

Aug 2021 Started PoC on information DX with UNOPS(in progress)

Oct 2021 Submitted trademark in the States(OSINTech)

Oct 2021 Submitted trademark in the States(RuleWatcher)

Oct 2021 "Blockchain" added to RuleWatcherPro

Oct 2021 "Hyogo prefecture Post-Covid-19 Startup Business Contest" Grand Prize

Oct 2021 Showcased in "COP26 Virtual Japan Pavilion" by the ministry of environment

Feb 2022 Selected to Global Top 100 technologies for UNESCO IRCAI(International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

Mar 2022 Became B-Corp

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