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​Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Based on Article 11 of the "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions", we will display as follows.

■ Business name

OSINTech Co., Ltd.

■ Location of business operator

Zip code: 658-0063
Address: 4-11-25 Sumiyoshiyamate, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

■ Representative name

Masato Oda

■ Business contact information​


Business hours: Weekdays 9: 30-17: 30

■ About selling price

The selling price will be the amount displayed on the screen during the purchase procedure (the displayed price / consumption tax will follow the description) or an individual quotation.

■ Money generated by customers other than the selling price

Internet connection fee, communication fee, consumption tax, transfer fee (if necessary)

■ Payment method and timing of price (compensation)

Payment method: Payment by credit card / (in the case of individual quotation) Bank transfer Payment time:

<For credit card payment>

In the case of annual payment, the contract date of the first year will be the settlement date for the next and subsequent years.

In the case of monthly payment, the contract date of the first month will be the settlement date after the next month.

<In the case of bank transfer>

We will send you an invoice as soon as you reply to the quote you sent. Use starts as soon as payment is confirmed.

Subsequent continuation will be continued by paying by the end of the month for the invoice sent one week before the expiration of the period.

■ Delivery time of products

You will receive a user registration guide email within 48 hours after applying, and you can use it after setup.

■ Cancellation ・ If you cancel at least 7 days before the next settlement date, you will not be charged for the next time. Please note that we do not accept refunds on a daily basis.

​・ We will proceed with the cancellation procedure by contacting us from the site or by emailing

■ Matters concerning special contracts regarding cancellation

We cannot accept cancellations due to customer's convenience after purchase.

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