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To be an organization that reads and understands international trends and learns from them.

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International Rules Trend Bulletin

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Community function

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Libraries are a social infrastructure of knowledge that responds to the times.

In recent years, with the shift to digitization, there has been a trend toward an increase in multimedia content, and there is a demand for digital books to change in role as places that collect information and go beyond paper books.

RuleWatcher is a database that consolidates primary information from around the world in multiple languages by social issue group, and the information is updated daily, allowing you to use it as new content.

While there are calls for social change, such as climate change and human rights issues, there are not enough places where citizens can casually discuss social issues. Libraries are a social infrastructure of knowledge, and people who think about society can gather and have an impact on society. Why not aim to create such a library?

~ Usage example ~

  • To do preliminary research from primary information before searching the library's collection 

  • To search for information on issues or for citizen study groups 

  • To gather people at the library and discuss issues in a casual manner.

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