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Plan/Price list

for Citizens (Citizen version, free)

Connect with citizens through social issues.


International Rule Trend Bulletin (6 themes)

Community function

It is provided free of charge to those who aim to solve social issues.

~ Usage example ~

  • Continuously, efficiently and quickly collecting information from around the world on specific social issues

  • Exchange opinions, information, and experiences with people around the world working on the same issues

  • Connect with people working on the same issues, launch projects and take action

Pro (for personal use)

Technology for OSINT in the field of environment and human rights.


International Rule Trend Bulletin (10 themes)

Community function

It is an information visualization system for researchers that can "analyze" and "explore" updated information related to the formation of world rules, including past data. RuleWatcher Pro is designed based on the needs of researchers at major think tanks, and enables exploratory information gathering of public primary information without being confused by media information that is displayed in large amounts in general Internet searches.


Advanced analytics

​​~Usage example~

  • Understanding taxonomy trends in each country

  • Understanding circular economy trends in each country

  • Understanding trends in nuclear energy and nuclear development

  • Grasping government and NGO communications on tropical rainforests

  • Understanding metal scrap trends

  • Understanding trends in biodegradable plastics

Enterprise (for organizations)

To be an organization that reads and understands international trends and learns from them.


International Rules Trend Bulletin

(14 themes + requested themes*)

Community function

*Excluding Enterprise Lite


Advanced analytics

Tagging on demand

​Information source additional support

~ Usage example ~

  • Collect/analyze international rule trends customized for your own issues.

  • Collect/share domestic and international information at the organizational level, not at the individual level.

  • Discuss based on information on international rule trends at the organizational level.

​ESG investment, circular economy, biodiversity protection, carbon emission trading... Various initiatives are crossing national borders, and there are signs that rules and international standards will be established. Even if you are aware of the bias and lack of freshness of these reports in Japanese, there is still a big barrier to handling a huge amount of multilingual information.


Why not use RuleWatcher to create an environment that facilitates OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) in order to supplement information from information gathering personnel who are familiar with the languages of foreign business partners?.

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