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Usage guide

If you have any question about using RuleWatcher, please refer to the tips below or contact us from "support" in RuleWatcher.

Read RuleWatcher Tips(English ver. under preparation)

  • I want to search across themes / I want to search by narrowing down what I want to know

  • I want to read the articles later when I have time

  • I want to analyze using RuleWatcher data

  • I don't want to miss the latest articles

  • I want to call another user

  • i want to create a new space

  • I want to share the article I found

A must-see for those who have such troubles!

Join hands-on(Japanese Language only)  


RuleWatcher User

Let's touch RuleWatcher

This is an opportunity for you to search, filter, and post RW articles together with the management, according to the topics prepared here and your own interests.

No special preparation is required. If the number of people increases, it will be short, so we are making a reservation system.

Date and time: Irregular (RuleWatcherRuleWatcher Info”)
Participation method: Apply from the form described in the announcement

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