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RuleWatcher is used for science, technology and academic policy research in Japan

OSINTech Inc.(headquartered in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture; CEO Masato Oda) provides the web service "RuleWatcher", to the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), a national research institute under the direct control of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

NISTEP is a research institute that supports the process of science and technology policy making, where a large number of experts conduct research and studies in a wide range of fields. In order to promote science and technology innovation policy, NISTEP is required not only to keep abreast of cutting-edge science and technology trends, but also to broadly grasp the policies of other countries and to analyze future prospects from multiple perspectives. For this purpose, RuleWatcher has been used as a tool for NISTEP to develop new forecasting methods since August 2022.

RuleWatcher is a web service that allows users to organize and explore primary information from national governments and international organizations, categorizing it into various themes. Existing themes include not only the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also a wide range of other areas of focus for international rulemaking, such as food systems and global human rights. OSINTech will continue to improve the functionality of RuleWatcher to contribute to the use of NISTEP.

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