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RuleWatcher is being used for the "Climate Displacement" expert meeting by Japan Gov.

OSINTech Inc. (HQ in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture; Masato Oda, CEO) is providing its web service RuleWatcher with the ability to collect and share information of rule-making from all over the world to the expert community by the Ministry of the Environment starting July 25, 2022. The community was set up for contributing to the well-being of climate-displaced persons.

The number of "climate refugees" who are forced to flee their homes due to extreme weather conditions caused by global warming is increasing. The World Bank estimates that the number of such climate refugees will exceed 200 million by 2050, making the prevention of their occurrence and the establishment of support systems after their occurrence an urgent issue.

However, the mechanisms of climate refugee outbreaks are diverse, and support for climate refugee outbreaks is also known to cut across disciplines. Therefore, it is essential to organize the mechanisms in an interdisciplinary expert community, and to consider effective support in concrete terms through cooperation between the public and private sectors, with the use of climate funds and other resources in mind.

An example of information collection: data from around the world is extracted using a variety of key phrases indicating "people forced to migrate due to climate change" and clustered by word. Information can be drilled down from each panel.

RuleWatcher is a web service that allows users to organize and explore primary information from national governments and international organizations, grouping it into various themes. Existing themes include not only climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also food systems, global human rights, and a wide range of other areas that can encompass the concept of climate refugees, making it the platform of choice for use by professionals in multiple areas related to climate refugees.

We will continue to receive input from the expert community and gather information as we organize the generation, spillover, and damage mechanisms of climate refugees.

Project for forming an interdisciplinary expert community to contribute to the well-being of climate-displaced persons

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