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【Award】Our platform RuleWatcher has received the World Summit Award 2023

Our platform RuleWatcher has received the World Summit Award 2023 in the Environment and Green Energy category for its RuleWatcher.

The WSA is a project of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the world's largest ICT (Information and Communication Technology) event sponsored by the United Nations. Each year, digital innovations with high social impact are selected and awarded with this prize.

This year, our RuleWatcher was selected as one of the 40 best digital solutions out of 466 nominations from 88 countries around the world. RuleWatcher is the only company in Japan to receive this award.

The WSA is designed to introduce the world's best practice models of how ICT is impacting society, and RuleWatcher is also introduced on the WSA website as follows

Using AI, RuleWatcher continuously retrieves/crawls articles related to the environmental and social issues it targets from over 1,300 information sources selected manually. These articles are accumulated in a database, categorized, and then machine-translated before being posted on a single-language web page.

As a result, RuleWatcher lets all stakeholders read international information (law drafts, minutes, press releases, research journals, policy recommendations, etc.) from the primary sources (of international organizations, national assemblies, governments, supreme courts, research Institutes, NGOs, etc.) on articles pages, examine global trends on visualized analysis pages and discuss on them in community pages. They are aware of international trends, thus they can react nationally and internationally at the right time.

As the prestigious award-winning startup, we will be attending the WSA International Conference 2024 scheduled for April 14-17, 2024 in Patagonia, Chile, to make a presentation on RuleWatcher.

We would like to thank everyone for their support in helping us win this award and we look forward to continuing to provide solutions for the world,

We will continue to provide solutions for the benefit of the world.


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