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"Nordic Silicon Valley Beckons Japan" Swedish Think Tank and OSINTech Announce Policy Proposal

With Intelligence Watch, We launch a Joint "Social Think Tank" Using Technology to Address Transnational Issues

OSINTech Inc.

March 31, 2023

OSINTech Inc.(Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, CEO: Masato Oda) and Intelligence Watch (Malmö, Sweden, Chief and founder: Anders Olshov), a think tank, have formed a business alliance to jointly make policy recommendations to both countries on the theme of sustainability.

We had an event for Japanese press on the 28th of March, 2023.

There will be a media event for Nordic and European press on the 26th of April, 2023.

Contact us for the detail:

OSINTech Inc., a provider of "RuleWatcher," a cloud service that enables users to track international rule trends, has formed a business alliance with Swedish think tank, Intelligence Watch.

Intelligence Watch is an independent (non-profit organization) think tank in Sweden that has made numerous policy recommendations on sustainability. It is known for its unique presentation style, "open to criticism and open to making it public".

Intelligence Watch, which has the open and democratic publication style of reports, which is really Swedish(the fourth largest democracy index in the world in 2022) in a way, published a report in 2019, and that was used as the basis for its own Japan House project to promote cultural and business exchange with Japan in the Skåne region of southern Sweden. Currently, the Japan House Project is in the process of planning and conducting site visits to deepen relations with Japan in order to realize this goal.

Intelligence Watch has now published a follow-up report, "Scandinavia's Sustainable Tech Banana beckons Japan". Here, we unpack the cultural and geopolitical affinities between Scandinavia and Japan, and discuss the business potential that can be realized between Japan and the Nordic city cluster selected by the EU as one of its "100 Climate Neutral Cities.

Meanwhile, Tankyu Intelligence Center, an education and research brand launched last year by OSINTech Inc., has released a policy recommendation report that serves as a response to the call from the Nordics to Japan. In "Spiraling Development with Japan - Manufacturing Technology Becomes Remanufacturing Technology in the Nordic Countries," written using the intelligence platform RuleWatcher, it is pointed out that the contribution to the circular economy in the Nordic countries can be made by utilizing Japan's fundamental ability to draw out the value cycle of manufactured goods.

Both policy recommendation reports can be downloaded from

English ver. will be published on the same day as the press event holds, April 26th, 2023.

These reports are a pair of policy recommendations that promote collaboration among Nordic cities, which are also model cities for climate neutrality, to utilize Japanese technology, and Japan can also learn social innovation from the Nordic countries.

These reports are designed to be read by the general public, and we welcome comments and suggestions, We hope that these reports, aiming at the ideal shape of democracy by Intelligence Watch and including tips that OSINTech intends as a social think tank, will serve as a catalyst for a model in which both regions lead the way in sustainability in a global scope.

About Intelligence Watch

Politically and religiously independent, non-profit and independent think tank for sustainable development with a focus on environmental, economic and social issues, founded in Sweden in December 2015 as a non-profit organization and public-private partnership. It has a reputation for dissemination (Ways to convey information to a large public) in writing a report, and for the publication of criticism for its own reports.

Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden

Chief and founder: Anders Olshov

About OSINTech Inc.

The company invents and operates RuleWatcher, a UNESCO-accredited cloud service for understanding international trends.

From its research and education division, Tankyu Intelligence Center, the company offers Tankyu Intelligence Program, in which people can learn intelligence, consensus-building skills on international trends and take action from the intrinsic motivation of themselves. The Center has also launched a social think tank with researchers who have been trained by the Center.

Head office: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

CEO: ODA Masato


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