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【Certified】RuleWatcher is certified as IRCAI Global Top 100 AI Project

The International Research Center for AI (IRCAI), established under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has been selecting outstanding AI application projects worldwide since 2021.

This selection is,

In response to the widespread and cross-sectoral increase in the use of AI in the field of sustainability,

The selection is based on whether the projects have been developed with AI ethics in mind, and whether the solutions are practical for achieving the SDGs.

Collaboration among projects and open source sharing are also considered,

It also serves as a visualization and mapping of solutions to tackle environmental and social issues on an international scale.

RuleWatcher, powered by OSINTech Inc., is the only one in Japan to be recognized as an IRCAI Global Top 100 (Excellent).

We will continue to provide and develop our services while deepening horizontal collaboration across fields and sectors.


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