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Book Now!Circular Innovation b/w SCAND and JP~Cross-sectional Consortium for CE Business Promotion

Broacher of the conference

OSINTech Inc. (CEO Masato ODA, Kobe City, JAPAN) collaborates with Swedish independent think tank, "Intelligence Watch" through its research and education institution, "Tankyu Intelligence Center", and promotes intellectual and economic interaction with Scandinavian region, pursuing sustainability utilizing Nordic design and Japanese technology.

Today, we are pleased and honored to announce that we will host a hybrid conference as the part of the initiative, in line with the visit of business-academia-government group from Scandinavia to Japan.

Anyone from enterprises, academia, government is welcome, either you are based in Scandinavia or in Japan! Together, we expect to make this opportunity fruitful and will have further partnership between two regions.

◆Recommended for you

  • Those who are in charge of planning / global branch, interested in circular economy

  • Those who are interested in doing business between Scandinavia - Japan

  • Those who are interested in doing co-research between Scandinavia - Japan

Photo by 663highland - 神戸港夕景 , CC BY 2.5


Date|October 16th, Mon., 2023, 4pm-6pm(UTC+9) *Reception 6:30pm-


Location|Kobe Shushinkan Hall / zoom

(Physical Address : 1-8-17 Mikagetsukamachi, Higashinada Ward, Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN)

Seat|80 people on site / 100 people in zoom Language|English and Japanese

Fee|Free of charge(Reception : 8000 yen)


3:30 pm / 8:30 am OPEN

4:00 pm / 9:00 am Event Start

  • Introduction of knowledge and practices

    • Promised CE practices in Japan

    • Horizon Europe and unique city planning of Malmö

  • Discussion from the points introduced- strength of both regions, differences and commonalities in design, tech and service

6:00 pm / 11:00 am Closing

6:30 - 8:30 pm Reception(Optional / Extra Charge)


OSINTech Inc. Tankyu Intelligence Center


Intelligence Watch, Circular Economy Multi Value Circulation

In Collaboration with

Hyogo prefecture, Kobe city, Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO), Kobe Shushinkan, Kobe City Industrial Promotion Foundation, Hyogo International Association


About the VENUE

Kobe Shushinkan is the first sake brewery to receive the "THE DRINKS BUSINESS GREEN AWARDS," an international environmental award, in 2020, so was selected as a suitable venue for this event on the theme of sustainability. The reception will be held at Sakabayashi, a Japanese-style restaurant located on the same premises, where guests will enjoy seasonal cuisine and sakes such as Fukuju Junmai Ginjo, which is served at official Nobel Prize events.


Broacher can be downloaded from below.

CE Innovation Between Scandinavia and Japan
Download PDF • 11.74MB


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