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We will respond to these concerns in the ESG field

  • Planning department

  • Sustainable office

  • Supply chain

  • ​IR

  • Think-tank

  • ​Researcher

  • NGO

  • Activist

What you can do with RuleWatcher, which realizes "barrier-free" primary information

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Global rule trends
can be collected efficiently
  • Over 1000 primary information sources from around the world (added day by day)

  • ​Collect ever-increasing data every day

  • Remove noise information from large amounts of data

  • Categorize information by social issue theme

The information gathering process that used to take a huge amount of time to search the websites of government agencies / United Nations agencies / NGOs around the world in various languages and search for the necessary information has been replaced by RuleWatcher's global rule trend. Comprehensive and speedy.

Utilize primary information around the world for your research and analysis
  • Primary information from all around the world, over 2,000,000 articles stored (updating)

  • Always reflect the latest data

  • Categorize information with tagging, with the cooperation of experts in various fields

  • Offer interfaces to analyze the data from various perspectives

You can gather information exploratoryly without being overwhelmed by the irrelevant information that is displayed in large quantities in ordinary text searches. In addition, since the latest information can be watched until just before submitting the investigation report, it can prevent unexpected omissions.

Exchange your views with diverse colleagues around the world
  • Used by users aiming to solve social issues in various fields

  • ​Users are from/based in various countries (Japanese users are dominant in the first phase since we originally launched in Japan)

You can exchange opinions with experts and people who are interested in domestic and international social and environmental issues.

RuleWatcher can also be used as groupware to support projects that "implement ideas born from opinion exchange".

See case study

For those who want to learn how to interpret international trends from the basics (Japanese Language only)

This is an “inquiry” type online educational program that learns about strategic consensus building and is based on the intrinsic motivation of the students.

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User-Limited Events (Japanese Language only)

Let's Play Around RuleWatcher

Let's touch it meeting image.png

We are holding a small number of hands-on. This is a program that supports you in using RuleWatcher better by practicing a series of actions together according to your own interests.​

Reading Club Before Good Night

Back view of a woman participating in oshibumi.png

This is a very popular online study session since the launch of 2020.


This is a program in which participants read the data collected by RuleWatcher and interact while deepening their knowledge.


You can participate without any prior knowledge as you can experience the intelligence of how to interpret primary information and interact with a wide variety of users with different specialties and areas of interest.

Familiarize yourself with international policy trends in the environment and society

Global problems going beyond national borders have surfaced one after another.

The international community is coming up with new rules one after another, as the issue such as climate change and the issue of plastics cannot be put off.


Such "rules" are emphasized as something that binds us, but they are also inventions that are necessary for us to face major problems. This is because subsidies and investments can be given to technologies and activities that are good for the environment and society, and "regulations" can be imposed on activities that have a negative impact.


Now that the group of problems has become a global scale, the rules are also crossing borders.

"Climate change", "Plastic pollution", "Water shortage", "Human rights", "AI ethics"-issues are happening everywhere in the world. Make use of the trend of rules in business activities, advocacy, research, and policy making.

OSINTech provides RuleWatcher with the hope that many people will be interested in rulemaking itself.

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