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Tankyu Intelligence Center

For adults operated by OSINTech

An online education and research institution.

*Limited to Japanese language

​Three Activities of the Tankyu Intelligence Center

Activity support

An online program for adults that cultivates the “ability to take a global perspective,” “the ability to discuss constructively with diverse people,” and “the ability to form a career” based on your own intrinsic motivation. 

Together with the Center's researchers, some of the graduates of the Tankyu Intelligence Program wishing to participate, translate important reports for global trends and provide insight into it. In addition, we will organize projects based on the interests and skills of members, and develop various projects such as book publishing by volunteers.

The plans (business plans, etc.) of the graduates of the Tankyu Intelligence Program, which are realized based on intrinsic motivation, will continue to have opportunities to brush up with the people involved in the center.

Student voice

Overlapping the SDGs with world rules, taking the example of environmental issues, I was able to understand how powerful it is to make rules, and so I gained a new perspective on social issues.

I was able to learn new perspectives and knowledge by discussing with people in fields that I am not involved in at work. Through Tankyu charts and Mr. Oda's lectures, I was able to understand the framework for how to perceive what is happening in the world.

A new perspective is very refreshing. I tend to think and judge within my own experience and knowledge, but I was able to realize the importance of thinking without being bound by existing media and information sources.

Connection between Tankyu Intelligence Center and RuleWatcher

OSINTech has provided a platform, RuleWatcher, that allows you to use primary information as simply as possible. In order to meet the needs of users who want to be able to read and understand primary information, we started an online education program in July 2022.


Adopted by Kobe City for Reiwa 4, "CO+CREATION KOBE Project (private proposal type business promotion system)" project

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