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RuleWatcher® Cross-sectional Search Function is Now Available!

Enables searches across social issue fields and understanding of relationships between fields

September 6, 2022

Intelligence support platform, RuleWatcher®, ran by OSINTech Inc.(Kobe City, Japan, CEO: Masato Oda), has been providing users with primary information obtained from more than 900 sources around the world in a unified format for each field of social issue (e.g., circular economy, climate change mitigation). The new cross-sectional search function is now released.

With the newly built function, you will have access to:

-cross-search across fields (*when there is ambiguity as to where you should dig into)

-grasp relationships across fields (*One matter does not just fit into one social issue, but rather it influences and is referred to in multi-spheres.)

which will be even more useful in your daily information search.


RuleWatcher® is a web service widely used by citizens, researchers, businesspeople, companies, and governments.

The newly added cross-search is available free of charge for those who have a social issue they wish to solve.

We also provide analysis tools that enable you to grasp international trends from our unique database, customize themes for building corporate intelligence strategies and ESG management, and offer them in a dedicated environment for enterprises.

Please see below for more details.

About RuleWatcher Community® (free version)

RuleWatcher® Service List

For inquiries about this press release, please contact

OSINTech Inc.

Public Relations: Kazue Oda


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