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OSINTech Becomes 10th Company in Japan to receive B Corp Certification

Press Release

5th April 2022

OSINTech (Kobe, Hyogo, Japan; CEO: Masato Oda) received "B Corp Certification" on March 24, 2022 from B Lab, a non-profit network (established in 2006, headquartered in the United States), which certifies clean companies that are recognized for their social and environmental contributions.

The number of "B Corporation" certified companies worldwide is approximately 4,500, and this is the 10th company in Japan (as of March 24, 2022).

B Lab evaluates companies for B Corp certification based on the following unique criteria.

- contribution to the world by engaging in "social and environmental activities"

- committment to "accountability" to your business stakeholders

- Maintaining a high level of transparency by disclosing its organizational operations both internally and externally

B Corp certified companies have passed the "B Impact Assessment," a rigorous examination of these factors, and the report, "B Impact Report," is made publicly available on

Message from CEO Masato Oda

OSINTech believes that it is essential for many people to focus on rules in order to bring solutions to global issues. That is why we created RuleWatcher, a web service that uses natural language processing technology to visualize data transmitted by governments and international organizations around the world.

We want to create an era in which each of us can play a leading role in creating and implementing rules, instead of making and operating rules only by someone with a loud and powerful voice, and each of us can play a leading role in creating and operating rules. With this philosophy, all the members, including myself, are having fun and evolving RuleWatcher day by day.

In the past, many companies have driven their business around the demands of their shareholders. In recent years, this trend has begun to change significantly. We are seeing a shift toward a more socially oriented approach, which we call "stakeholder capitalism".

This concept is familiar to Japan in the term "sampo yoshi (good from three directions)". It is the idea that it is good to be able to contribute to the seller, the buyer, and society. We believe that we need to evolve the concept "sampo yoshi" to extend that includes the global environment. And also we felt that there are many similarities between this concept and B Corp certification.

B Corp concept(From : B Lab)

It goes without saying that these certifications are a great way to increase corporate value, but what we hoped for even more was a community among certified companies.

B Lab's act of granting certification is not merely a recognition, but a movement to promote clean business practices worldwide by creating a community of certified "B Corporations".

As a member of the B Corporation, OSINTech will join the community of certified companies to further resolve global environmental and social issues.​

History of OSINTech

November 2018 Founded

February 2019 "MIRAI 2019" MIRAI Secretariat Award

June 2020 RuleWatcher® released

August 2020 RuleWatcherPro®(RuleWatcher advanced tool)released

October 2020 Plan for improved administration approved

October 2020 Joined Covid-19 infection impact assessment with text mining of global regulations.

November 2020 "Hyogo Creative Business Contest" Grand Prize

November 2020 Selected to UNOPS Global Innovation Center Support Project

December 2020 Nominated to METI / JETRO "SHIDO"

January 2021 Submitted patent(RuleWatch system)

February 2021 "Japan Patent Attorneys Association Business contest" Grand Prize

February 2021 Joined a research group of text mining and academic papers

March 2021 Trademark registered(RuleWatcher)

March 2021 Showcased in Virtual Japan Pavilion by Ministry of Environment

March 2021 Showcased in APAN technology exhibition

May 2021 Trademark registered (OSINTech)

June 2021 Submit trademark in China (RuleWatcher)

June 2021 Adopted to the research project of digital earth by Global GIS Center, Chubu University

July 2021 Selected to Keihanna Global Accereration Program

July 2021 "Corporate Human Rights" added to RuleWatcher Pro

August 2021 Started PoC on information DX with UNOPS(in progress)

October 2021 Submitted trademark in the States(OSINTech)

October 2021 Submitted trademark in the States(RuleWatcher)

October 2021 "Blockchain" added to RuleWatcherPro

October 2021 "Hyogo prefecture Post-Covid-19 Startup Business Contest" Grand Prize

October 2021 Showcased in "COP26 Virtual Japan Pavilion" by the ministry of environment

February 2022 Selected to Global Top 100 technologies for UNESCO IRCAI(International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

March 2022 Became B-Corp

** About RuleWatcher

The world's first information service to visualize government communications (primary information) on the environment and human rights

** About B Lab

A non-profit network from the United States. Operates "B Corp Certification," which evaluates companies based on social contribution value and transparency rather than financials.

For inquiries regarding this press release, please contact

OSINTech Inc.

Public Relations: Kazue Oda


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