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Notice of Price Revision for RuleWatcher Pro

23th Aug 2022

Dear Customers

Thank you for using RuleWatcher.

Due to the significant fluctuation of foreign exchange rates, we will be revising the price of RuleWatcher Pro for customers who will be subscribing in October or later as described below.

This price revision will not affect existing customers.

For those who are currently considering using RuleWatcher Pro, we recommend that you sign up by the end of September.


RuleWatcher Pro

New Price

USD 120 per month per account

1) For those who choose to pay annually, the monthly fee is USD 96 (20% discount).

2) USD 60 per month (50% discount) for those eligible for the academic discount, and USD48 (60% discount) for those who choose to pay annually.

Start date

1st October 2022(Japanese time zone UTC+9)

Who is eligible for the new price?

Those who start using RuleWatcher Pro after the effective date of the new price

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at

OSINTech Inc.

Customer Support


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