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A new theme "Food System" was added to RuleWatcher.

OSINTech Inc. (Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, CEO: Masato Oda) has added a new theme "Food System" to its web service "RuleWatcher" which visualizes rule trends in various countries on June 1, 2022.

RuleWatcher is a web service that organizes and visualizes primary information issued by governments and international organizations on global issues such as the environment and human rights.

(For more information on RuleWatcher, please click here.)

Pandemics and wars. Many of you may be aware of how vulnerable our globalization of food is to such events.

A new addition to RuleWatcher, "Food Systems," covers information from governments and other sources spanning food production, processing, transportation, consumption, disposal, and circulation.

Data from 700 government announcements filtered by the "food security" tag after the invasion of Ukraine. Clustered by common words by machine learning (click on each tile to view individual articles).

It automatically collects and machine translates into English a vast amount of outgoing information from over 850 government and other websites, narrows it down using keywords related to the food system, and performs natural language processing.

In recent years, large-scale agriculture, livestock, and fishing industries have been extremely unbalanced, producing enough food to feed the earth's population of nearly 8 billion people, but in reality causing massive waste and starvation on the other hand. Behind the scenes, labor rights violations, deforestation, land degradation, water depletion, and pollution pose an imminent danger to us all.

The data displayed in RuleWatcher is tagged to make it easier to understand these groups of problems and the measures taken to address them.

An example of a tags

Tags assigned by our own thesaurus

The information is handled centrally in Arabic, Russian, Thai, and other local languages of each country, and is collected without any time delay from the time of transmission, so that information can be gathered without relying solely on news reports.

We hope that many people will find the information on food system issues and policies useful, and we have included information streaming in the free version of the site.

Streams available in the free version. Information published by governments and international organizations is tagged by content (you can also use filters to narrow down and summarize what you want to know, or receive alert e-mails).

In introducing this theme, we are grateful to Ms. Midori Hiraga*, who has been active in this field for many years, for his help in supervising the collection terminology.

The food system is a source of major problems, but it also contains important solutions to climate change and biodiversity, depending on our ingenuity.

※Ms. Midori HIRAGA

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kyoto Tachibana University; Visiting Researcher, BKC Institute for Social Research, Ritsumeikan University.

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, she graduated from International Christian University in 1994 and studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1997, she became co-chairman of Journey to Forever, where she planned and managed citizen activities to address food, environment, and development issues. In 2011, she moved to graduate school, earning a Master's degree in Food and Nutrition Policy from the City University of London and a PhD in Economics from Kyoto University. Her research focuses on vegetable oil and food systems from a political economy approach. She is a young representative director of the International Sociological Association for Agriculture, Food and Society (ISA RC40), and participates in civic activities such as AMNet, Thinking about the Disposable Era, Environmental Citizen, Western Japan Agroecology Association, and Municipalism Kyoto. She is the author of "World History Learned from What We Eat: What is the Economy that Does Not Destroy People and Nature?" (Iwanami Junior Shinsho 937, 2021) and "The Political Economy of Vegetable Oil: The Capitalist Food System from Soybeans and Oil" (Showado, 2019).

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