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Regular events for RuleWatcher users

Book club before good night


RuleWatcher User

  1. Experience the intelligence of how to interpret primary information

  2. Able to interact with a wide variety of users with different specialties and areas of interest

  3. You can grasp the latest data that does not appear in the news information, and it will be a foreseeing of the world

  4. You can have a simple experience of the "Inquiry Intelligence Center" operated by our company

No advance preparation is required.
It is a program where the management decides the theme each time, and after inputting the opening theme, everyone discusses it based on it.


Let's touch RuleWatcher

"I want to use new functions more"

"How do you use this place?"

``I want to discuss how to research what I want to know''​


We are holding a small number of hands-on to solve such questions.
This is a program where you practice a series of actions together according to the theme prepared here and your own interest, and get used to the basic actions of RuleWatcher.


RuleWatcher User


You can watch videos of previous events on OSINTech's Youtube channel.


A cloud service that allows you to understand international rule trends for the environment and human rights

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