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Promotion of intelligence management

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In today's corporate management, the center of business activities will turn to be solving the social issues.

Solving social and environmental issues is at the heart of our business activities.


A relatively large number of companies have begun to make such calls.

However, the current situation is that it is difficult to say that the organizations that are appealing for it have a firm grasp of the issues themselves and the circumstances surrounding them.

All environmental and social issues are intricately intertwined, and solving one part often causes other problems. In addition, since many of the issues are related to human beings as a whole, regardless of national borders, rules made in other countries and industrial trends and new technologies in distant lands have a large impact on the issues that need to be addressed.

​Grasping the issue itself and its surroundings from a more meta-perspective, and knowing its dynamism, you will be able to grasp the technologies and materials that should not be adopted, business partners that should not be formed, and the area where resources should be allocated.

Many people are trying to efficiently grasp information at seminars and apply it to their business. However, why do you feel that this method is still lacking?


Too much information. too fast. too complicated.


This is a common problem faced by most people in business. Whether you read a report or attend a seminar, it quickly becomes outdated and you only understand parts of it. Mr. A's theory and Mr. B's theory are different.

Rather than lacking information, what we lack is the ability to read and understand information (intelligence).

​What we need now is for people in charge of business to have intelligence.


Stop being an information consumer. If you outsource wisdom, your business will decline.

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OSINTech promotes intelligence management. Simply put, intelligence management is time machine management that focuses on the future of international rules for the environment and society.

“Rule” is a word that does not refer only to laws and regulations, but also includes a wide range of standards and social norms. Considering that words such as SDGs and decarbonization have become commonplace in business, it is easy to imagine the importance of anticipating them in management.

Today, there are so many issues that transcend national borders, and these norms are reflected in the financial system and in the laws and regulations of each country.

Intelligence management utilizes this time lag to formulate strategies. Many of Japan's companies with excellent technology will lead to effective solutions to global issues through intelligent management.

OSINTech wants to contribute to such a future.

* Intelligence Management is a registered trademark of Oshintec.
Acquire intelligence management

How to use RuleWatcher to realize intelligent management

This can be acquired through the Research Intelligence Center 's program.

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