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( Click here for the search & analyze engine RuleWatcher ™ Pro .)

・ Receive relevant updates from the world organization in English

・ People interested in the topic gather and can share information and discuss

・ Search and share events related to global or Japanese topics

RuleWatcher ™ is a community site, like SNS, where updates related to rule making in the world are updated in real-time. Free charge with optional paid support.

RuleWatcher ™ is a place where people who are interested in a particular topic are gathered, so you can give seminars etc. to those who are interested.

* Currently, only invitation.

The following topics are currently monitored:

(" ESG investment " and " Privacy " are handled by RuleWatcher ™ Pro .)

In addition, we provide paid support for companies, local governments, and professional users, such as analyzing trends and notifying them for each topic. Please contact us for details.