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ESG investment

ESG is an abbreviation of Environment / Social / Governance, and ESG investment means that investment principles are based not only on business activities but also on these factors.

According to history, the UK's pension law, which was revised in 2000, was adopted. Each plan should disclose whether the pension management is based on environmental and socially conscious investment policy. In this discussion, the London Principles announced in 2002 introduced the seven principles of investing for sustainability, which became concrete action guidelines for ESG investment.


Starting from the above, in 2006 the United Nations declared the PRI (Responsible Investment Principles). It demands social responsibility from institutional investors. In 2019, in the UK, the “Principles of Investment (SIP)” statement for medium-sized and larger pension funds must include information on ESG including climate change. It has also become mandatory to make ESG investment funds the default asset under management.

Under this principle, for example, companies that discharge industrial wastewater are deemed to be unsustainable under the PRI and are not eligible for investment due to environmental damage.

Currently, nearly 2,500 institutions have signed PRIs. The movement to exclude companies that are considered “bad” from the environment is general now in global.

Now, what happens to the trends of these standards? What are the best investment targets? Here you need to watch the world's rating agencies and trends. RuleWatcher ™ Pro collects and analyzes those press releases.

Based on global trends, please develop a sustainable business that is well-recognized from all over the world.