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Are you tired of searching and summarizing in Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and other local languages with their respective translations?

Adding RuleWatcher to your information network of article sites and journals will allow you to spend more time thinking.

Resolving the "difficulty" of researching primary policy information from around the world

RuleWatcher Plus

RuleWatcher displays public primary information in English in a unified format. This eliminates the "difficulty" of looking up information in local languages.

Daily updates enable you to always use the most recent data.

RuleWatcher - Multilingual data centralized

Covers 12 rapidly changing fields
More to be added in the future

Global Environment

  • Climate Mitigation

  • Climate Adaptation

  • Water Issues

  • Biodiversity

  • Plastic Issues​

Tech and Society

  • ELSI in Space Tech​

Human Rights

  • Business Human Rights

  • Food System

  • World Education

  • Universal Human Rights​

New Economy

  • Circular Economy

  • Re-think Capitalism​

Automated daily collection from government and international organizations in approximately 100 countries around the world.

Various analyses can be performed on approximately 2.5 million data sources.

01. Only official information with the selected sources

Think tanks and national agencies use "official primary information" officially released by government agencies, UN agencies, NGOs, etc. from around the world to interpret international trends. Secondary information processed by the media or others mixes the intentions of each position. RuleWatcher only collects verified official primary information.

* With the Standard Plan (described below), we also accept inquiries regarding adding additional sources of information.

02. With up-to-date data every day

RuleWatcher automatically collects information from over 1,400 websites around the world every day. It removes noise from the collected data and accumulates the latest data. Unlike search engines and reports from others, you will not be misled by outdated information.


03. Transcends language barriers

The days when it was enough to only look at information from developed countries are over. Now, keeping a close eye on information from the Global South is becoming a key part of business. At RuleWatcher, all data is standardized in English, and it is possible to get an overview through AI-generated summaries. Information sources are constantly being expanded, allowing you to keep track of the movements of organizations and countries that you should be watching right now.*


04. Classification by experts in each field

The data is categorized into 15 themes, mainly focusing on social and environmental fields, which are essential for understanding future business trends. It is also tagged with the cooperation of experts in various fields, allowing users to comprehensively browse related information. For example, the term "cultured meat" has several words, but traditionally, information written in expressions that you are unfamiliar with will be missed. In order to handle these synonyms together, they are tagged with a single word to prevent omissions.


*1 The data in this service includes mechanical English translations and summaries. Therefore, we are not responsible for the reliability, accuracy, completeness, recency, completeness, timeliness, etc. of the data.

Cases (partial)
  • Survey of International Trends for Green Hydrogen Business (Manufacturing Research Office)

  • Survey of International Rule Trends for Regulations on Single-Use Plastics (University Research Office)

  • Survey of trends in negative emission technologies (policy research firm)

  • Survey of international references to "climate refugees" (multi-university group)

  • Survey of international trends in biochar (environmental research firm)

  • Survey of trends in inedible bioplastics (new business development department of a manufacturing company), etc.

Plans and Fees

Q. Where do you get your information sources?

The websites of organizations of a public nature, such as national governments and parliaments, United Nations-related organizations, public research institutes, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), are targeted mainly for news releases and other frequently updated pages. The selection of organizations is made by Oshintech with reference to expert opinions.

Q. Does it deal with SDG themes?

No, it does not. The theme is "a set of issues that are unrelated to national borders and that are relevant to a wide range of people, and how to deal with them. The number of Rule Trend themes will continue to increase by one or two themes each year.

Q. Do you have other plans?

Yes, we do have plans available. Plans are available for business use, library use, etc. Please click here for details.(Plans

Q. What are the fees and payment methods?

Available for 15,000 yen per month (tax not included). Various credit cards are accepted.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount if paid in a lump sum for the year. A 20% discount is available if paid in a lump sum for the entire year. Academic discount (half price) is also available for those affiliated with a university.

RuleWatcher Plus

7-day free trial

You can use RuleWatcherPlus free of charge for 7 days by clicking the button below.

Just 3 minutes to read.

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