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Our world.
Rules by everybody.

OSINTech uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to visualize the world's policy-making trends.

We aim to create a world where the processes of making rules, regulations, and policies are transparent and open to all world citizens.

Creating a world where everyone can participate in the making of rules

OSINTech will support your business expansion abroad,

by enabling easy access to rules, regulations, and policies

What is your first step when planning for business expansion overseas?

Marketing?  Networking?  Finding an office?


Participating in policy creation should also be a vital part of your plan.

Most businesses are still responding to cross-border tariffs and regulations in a passive way.


Why not take part in creating the rules, instead of just following them?


OSINTech provides you the world's policy trends with the power of 

"OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) + Technology".

What is OSINT?

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) combines open information such as

government minutes, press releases, media coverage, etc. to analyze trends.


What powers OSINT?

OSINT is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). 

The use of AI allows us to process enormous amounts of data, enabling us to see policy-making trends in a clearer and simpler way than before.

Until recently, participating in "lobbying" was only an option for mega-global companies with large budgets.  With the power of OSINT and AI, smaller companies now have a chance to participate in policy-making.


OSINTech will provide an information platform to promote the use of OSINT.
We will work to realize our motto - "Our world. Rules by everybody".


Currently in Japan only: We are looking for partner companies to become our initial users





Our services are currently available in Japan.  International services will be launched soon.

Molecules Bio

Monitoring service for rulemaking processes

By analyzing big data for your target country,
we will provide an analysis report on policy-making trends.


Example topics:

1. Trends in Regulations
2.Trends in Taxation
3.Government Goals
4.Government's Decision-Making Status
5.Citizen Reactions to Government Decisions
6.Competitor Analysis etc.

government office

Alert Service

By registering keywords relevant to your business,  you can receive updates on policy-making by the Congress and Research Groups.


Black Chess Pieces


We will propose realistic action-plans to realize your policy-making roadmap.


1.Support for Initial Strategic Plans based on OSINT
2.Vendor management support (Communication with entities who can support your policy-making strategy)

​The Team

Masato (Marc) ODA

Founder & CEO

  • Business design

  • Marketing

  • Finance


-Graduated from Keio University in 2003

-Career has been dedicated to IT consulting

-Holds an MBA

-Started working on international projects in Singapore from 2012

-Created a Data Science Intelligence Center in Singapore to provide multi-language data gathering and AI data analysis solutions for large corporations (including a large auto company)

-Has a strong passion for supporting corporations in the international rule-making process

Mahathir Muhammad Rafie

Co-founder & COO

  • Technology management

  • AI / Platform development


-Born in Malaysia, studied in Japan

-Graduated from Nagaoka University of Technology in 2006 (Majored in Business Information Systems)

-Worked as an AI research worker at Fukushima University (Engineering Dept.)

-Expert in joint IT projects between the Public and Private Sectors, including Educational Institutions

-Experienced business management in a Japanese manufacturing company

-Strength in information analysis and data science ​

Yumiko KUBO

Lead Solution Designer

  • Solution design

  • Business analysis

-Born in Tokyo, raised in New Jersey (USA)

-Graduated Keio University in 2006

-Expert in international business development & market analysis

-Worked at Recruit, ISI-Dentsu Singapore, & Google

-Motto: "I am very passionate about gathering pieces of unorganized data and converting them into useful insights - but my work does not stop here.  Connecting the right people and implementing the best operation is what I value most when taking part in a project."

​Yumiko Machikoma "Luna"

Lead Policy Designer

  • Policy design

  • ​Solution design


- Born in Lima, Peru. 

  Raised in Peru, Brazil and Japan

- Speak Japanese, Spanish English

- Worked at UNIQLO,  NTT Docomo,       

  Accenture, Google & Facebook

- Widely experienced in IT/Strategic

  consulting and in enhancing user

  experience for both B2B and B2C clients

- Has a strong passion to provide solutions 

  by thoroughly unrevealing established 

  concepts and seeking the true essence

   behind the subjects.